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New Orleans Tractor Trailer Lawyers for People Injured in Truck Cargo Accidents

Trucks pose a threat to others on the road because of their size and speed, but also as a result of the serious hazards that are created when truckers do not properly load and secure their cargo. The truck accidents that often happen as a result can cause catastrophic injuries and even death. The New Orleans truck accident attorneys at Bloom Legal help people injured in crashes ensure that truckers and the companies that employ them are held fully responsible for the accidents they cause.

Our law firm works tirelessly to assist people looking to get back on their feet after a collision with the full compensation available under the law. We understand the pain and stress that can come with being injured in an accident, especially when it happens through no fault of your own. It is imperative that you seek the counsel of a seasoned lawyer before accepting a settlement offer from a trucking company or insurer.

How Overweight and Improperly Loaded Trucks Cause Accidents in Louisiana

Federal regulations put strict limits on how much weight trucks can carry at any given time. The limits are meant to prevent the various problems posed by overweight and improperly loaded trucks, including the following hazards:

  • Steep grades: The heavier a truck is going uphill, the faster it will travel going downhill. Overloaded trucks on the back end of a steep grade put truck drivers at risk of losing control, especially if the person is distracted, fatigued or intoxicated.
  • Turns and curves: Overweight or improperly loaded trucks are more likely to topple over when navigating tight turns and curves, causing the cargo to fall off of the vehicle or the truck itself to roll over.
  • Wear and tear on brakes: Heavier loads mean more work for brakes, putting them at risk of wearing out or malfunctioning unexpectedly.
  • Tire blowouts: Similarly, unstable and heavier loads shift the weight of a truck and put tires at risk of blowing out.
  • Weather issues: Overloaded cargo can make trucks harder to control, slow, stop and speed up. Those problems are often amplified in wet, cold and windy conditions, as well as in ice and snow.

All of these situations also make truck cargo more likely to spill out onto roads, creating serious hazards for other motorists. Even if a truck is within cargo weight limits, loads that are not properly secured can break and spill. Our trucking accident lawyers will examine the evidence to best explain why the trucking company should be held liable.

How Our New Orleans Trucking Accident Lawyers Can Help

At Bloom Legal, we work tirelessly to get our clients compensation for their injuries. That starts by investigating the cause of the accident in truck crash cases, identifying the responsible parties and building the strongest possible claim for money damages.

Our attorneys have a strong track record of success in the courtroom and through negotiated settlement. We make every effort to resolve cases without drawn out court battles while remaining ready to litigate when needed.

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