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A New Orleans Dump Truck Accident Lawyer Will Fight For Damages After a Crash

Dump trucks play an essential role in construction projects around the New Orleans metro area. However, they also present numerous hazards to other drivers on the road. Due to their size, weight, and heavy cargo, accidents involving dump trucks can be catastrophic. People involved in dump truck accidents can suffer severe injuries, and these accidents often result in death. If you or a loved one was involved in a dump truck accident, a New Orleans dump truck accident attorney can help you get fair compensation for your losses. 

What are the Unique Causes of Dump Truck Accidents in New Orleans?

The same factors cause many dump truck accidents as other motor vehicle accidents, such as speeding, tailgating, driving while distracted, or other forms of reckless or negligent driving. However, many of the causes of dump truck accidents are unique: 

  • Mechanical defects with the dump truck
  • Inadequate maintenance of the dump truck
  • Hiring drivers that lack training or experience
  • Hiring drivers with poor driving records
  • Failing to provide adequate training or supervision of drivers
  • Forcing drivers to work long hours resulting in driving while fatigued
  • Carrying unsafe, unbalanced loads
  • Carrying loads that exceed the truck’s capabilities or weight rating

Were you injured in a truck accident? It is important to work with an experienced New Orleans dump truck accident lawyer who can identify these causes and understand how they played a role. 

How Can A New Orleans Dump Truck Accident Attorney Help?

In the event of a dump truck accident, you will need to prove either the driver or trucking company was negligent. The fact you were injured is not enough by itself. In addition, many of the causes listed above can be challenging to identify and could be the fault of the trucking company rather than something the driver did. 

A New Orleans dump truck accident lawyer can investigate the accident, identify the cause and the responsible party, and then gather the evidence you need to build your case. From there, they can determine the value of your claim and help you get the compensation you need to rebuild your life. 

What You Can Do Following a Dump Truck Accident 

Of course, the very first thing you should do is get a thorough medical examination. If you are diagnosed with an injury, be sure to follow your doctor’s orders, even though you may need to miss work. 

From there, it’s essential to collect and keep any relevant information about your accident. Pictures of your injuries, your vehicle, and the scene of the accident can be extremely helpful in proving your claim. You should also be sure to keep copies of your medical bills and other medical records, as well as any pay stubs or other documents that demonstrate your lost income. 

You should also be very careful when discussing your claim with the insurance company, the dump truck driver, or the trucking company. Any statements you make can later be used against you to deny your claim. The best option is to contact a New Orleans dump truck accident attorney who can speak on your behalf. 

Contact Bloom Legal Today to Learn Your Rights 

If you were in a dump truck accident, you must get experienced legal counsel as soon as possible. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a New Orleans dump truck accident attorney who knows how to get results. 


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