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Large trucks play a vital role in shipping goods throughout Louisiana and across the country, but big rigs also pose a huge safety threat to everyone on the road. Some 5,000 large trucks and buses are involved in fatal accidents across the country annually, according to federal regulators. These are large vehicles that often travel at high speeds, driven by overworked truckers regularly pushed to stretch their hours behind the wheel beyond legal limits. That makes trucks particularly hazardous to other motorists, passengers and pedestrians. Our New Orleans truck accident lawyers help people injured by negligent truck drivers get the full compensation available under the law. 

At Bloom Legal, we are seasoned attorneys with decades of combined experience and a record of success in getting clients optimal results. We do not get paid unless we win your case. 

What Makes a Truck Driver Negligent?

Truckers, like other drivers, owe everyone else a “duty of care” to operate their vehicles in a reasonably safe manner. They are expected to obey traffic laws and avoid dangerous behavior, like speeding, drinking and driving, texting behind the wheel or operating a big rig while fatigued.

A truck driver who does not live up to this responsibility is liable for any accidents that happen as a result. So is the trucker’s employer, as long as the driver was acting within the scope of the employment at the time of the crash.

A New Orleans truck accident attorney at Bloom Legal can help you hold a negligent trucker and his or her employer accountable for a crash.

Speed kills. Whether it is because a truck driver is under pressure from his or her employer to hit aggressive deadlines or a particular trucker just has a heavy foot, trucks traveling at high speeds can cause catastrophic injuries and even death when they are involved in collisions.

Driver fatigue is also a common factor in many truck accidents. Truckers are often forced to spend long stretches of time behind the wheel, including during daylight hours in which highways see heavy traffic. Although Louisiana and federal laws limit the number of hours truckers can drive, big rig operators are often pressured to push right up against and even beyond those limits. 

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