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Our Attorneys Fight Aggressively for Those With Serious Injuries 

Whether it is head trauma sustained in a high speed car accident or neck and spine damage caused by a slip and fall, serious injuries can have life altering consequences both for the person injured and his or her family. Bloom Legal is a New Orleans injury law firm whose attorneys represent people injured in a wide range of situations throughout the city and across the state. We help people get back on their feet after an accident by ensuring that those responsible are made fully accountable and that our clients get the full compensation available under the law.

Being injured in an accident is a painful and stressful experience, especially when it is through no fault of your own. Our personal injury lawyers let people focus on their physical and emotional recovery after a serious injury with the confidence that comes with knowing that we are working aggressively to build the strongest possible case for money damages. At Bloom Legal, we do not get paid unless we win your case. 

Paramedics take care of an accident victim with serious injuries

Negligence Can Lead to the Following Serious Injuries

Our firm regularly represents people who have sustained serious injuries, including:

These and other injuries can not only threaten a person’s ability to earn a living, but also impede their ability to enjoy a full range of life activities. That is why it is important to ensure that those responsible are made accountable.

Serious injuries can be cause in a number of ways:

No matter how it happens, a person who sustains serious injuries in Louisiana has the right to seek compensation from those responsible. An attorney at our New Orleans injury law firm can help you understand your legal rights and options.

How Bloom Legal Will Help Your Personal Injury Case

Many personal injury cases follow a similar legal process and our New Orleans injury law firm is no different. Below are the essential steps in the PI lawsuit process.

Investigating and Preparing the Claim

Investigation and preparation is the first and most important step in the process. Most injury cases are based on claims of negligence, a legal theory that holds people and entities responsible when they do not live up to what lawyers and courts call a “duty of care.”

Car drivers, for example, owe others on the road a duty to operate their vehicles in a reasonably safe manner and to refrain from dangerous activity like speeding and getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. Similarly, doctors and other medical professionals owe their patients a duty to provide a certain standard of care in diagnosis and treatment.

To have a viable legal claim in a serious injury case, your New Orleans injury law firm must be able to prove negligence, or that the person responsible breached a duty of care. Louisiana is a comparative negligence state, which means a person who is partly to blame for his or her own injuries can still get some compensation based on their proportion of fault.

To prepare your claim, an experienced injury lawyer at our firm will gather all of the documentation and other evidence necessary to support a negligence allegation. The attorney will also compile medical and other records to detail the extent of your injuries and calculate the full amount of money damages that you are owed.

Negotiating with an Insurance Company 

Once we have prepared the claim, we will issue a demand letter to the person or entity responsible for your injuries and their insurer. A demand letter often kicks off a negotiation process in which we seek to reach a settlement agreement. Our attorneys will keep you in the loop throughout these negotiations and fully explain any settlement offers that we receive.

Do not go it alone. It is crucial to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer before accepting a settlement from an insurance company. Unfortunately, many insurers try to settle these cases for pennies on the dollar, often pushing lowball deals in the immediate aftermath of an accident.

Filing a Lawsuit

In the event that we cannot reach a fair and mutually agreeable settlement, your New Orleans injury law firm will file a lawsuit on your behalf asking a court to order the responsible person or entity to pay money damages. 

The money damages usually available in Louisiana accident cases include compensation for medical bills, as well as property damage and the cost of repairing or replacing the vehicle and lost wages due to time away from work while recuperating. In the tragic event that a person is killed in an accident, his or her family has the right to seek similar compensation for wrongful death.

Settlement negotiations often continue after a lawsuit is filed and in the run up to trial. We can also explore alternatives to litigation, including mediation.

Going to Trial 

If a fair settlement still cannot be reached, we will take your case before a judge and jury in court. These proceedings allow us to present all of the evidence, including documentation and witness testimony, and lay out the strongest possible case for compensation.

At Bloom Legal, we are accomplished litigators who combine decades of legal experience in the courtroom and at the negotiation table. Our attorneys guide clients through the legal process with experience and personal attention, keeping them apprised of their rights and options every step of the way.

Speak with a Serious Injury Lawyer at Bloom Legal

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident in Louisiana, it is vital that you seek the assistance of an experienced injury lawyer. The lawyers at Bloom Legal have a strong track record of success for clients in a wide range of injury cases.

Our personal injury lawyers represent people in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. Call us at 504-599-9997 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney at our New Orleans injury law firm.


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