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A New Orleans Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer Will Fight For Your Rights If You Were Injured In An Accident

Garbage trucks are a fixture in our communities and serve an important role in our daily lives. Unfortunately, they also present unique hazards that can result in severe injuries and fatal accidents. If you have been injured in an accident with a garbage truck, a New Orleans garbage truck accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you need to get back on your feet. 

Representing Victims of Truck Accidents 

Of course, garbage trucks pose the same hazards to other motorists as other large trucks. However, given where garbage trucks operate, they also pose additional hazards to others: 

Negligent drivers can cause accidents that result in serious harm to other drivers or people biking or walking in the area. 

In addition, trash company employees also face tremendous risks from inattentive drivers. They can be struck and seriously injured when outside the truck, or injured when the truck collides with another vehicle. No matter who you are, a New Orleans garbage truck accident attorney can help you recover from your accident. 

How Do New Orleans Garbage Truck Accidents Happen?

While every accident has its own unique cause, there are multiple factors that make garbage truck accidents unusual. Just like any other motor vehicle accident, driver negligence is a common cause: 

There are other factors that often play a role: 

  • Frequent stopping: garbage truck drivers make frequent stops at homes and businesses to collect trash. This is particularly the case with residential trash services where drivers are stopping at every home. Rear-end collisions are common when other drivers are tailgating or simply not paying attention. 
  • Route locations: trash collection routes canvas residential neighborhoods, shopping centers, office parks, and other commercial and residential high-traffic areas. Dumpsters and other trash collection sites are often located in places where there is limited visibility with unusual traffic patterns. To complicate matters, trash collection can create additional hazards when other vehicles pull around the truck by using the on-coming lane or making other dangerous maneuvers. 
  • Inclement weather: trash companies typically operate in all kinds of weather. This means they may be driving on wet, slippery roads that make it difficult to stop safely. The garbage truck may not be able to stop in time or other vehicles may rear-end the truck when they cannot stop. 
  • Mechanical failures: garbage trucks are subject to a great deal of wear and tear. They are typically in operation five days per week, and the constant stopping and starting can cause the brakes, tires, and other parts to wear out quickly. Accidents can occur when trash companies fail to regularly inspect or maintain their trucks. 

Determining the cause of your accident is vital to your case, but can be quite challenging. If you have been injured in a garbage truck accident, we recommend you contact a New Orleans garbage truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. 

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