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Seth Bloom Serves New Orleans and Louisiana Clients

Bloom Legal is a full-service law firm located in the historic Warehouse District of New Orleans. Since Seth Bloom founded Bloom Legal in 2004, the firm has been providing legal service to clients throughout the state of Louisiana. Our personal injury attorneys and criminal defense lawyers specialize in helping local clients who live in the area and clients who are visiting New Orleans and need legal counsel because of an event that happened during their stay in Louisiana. No matter how big or small your case, attorney Seth Bloom can help you.

Meet Seth Bloom

Kindness and Compassion for Personal Injury Victims

Because the effects of a personal injury are so unique and your future can be hard to determine and plan in the wake of such devastation, it is important that you seek an experienced personal injury attorney during this time. Bloom Legal, located in the Greater New Orleans area has been helping victims of personal injury recover their quality of life and achieve a sense of closure after a personal injury for over ten years. We understand that it is normal for victims of personal injury to feel confusion about what they should do and how they can recover physically and financially from their accident. We know victims also deal with emotions of anger at what happened to them as well as a sense of sorrow as they must often mourn the loss of their abilities as they experience consistent physical pain. The attorneys at Bloom Legal are there to help guide their clients and act as a pillar of support for them during this difficult time.

Bloom Legal has helped their clients by fighting to ensure their rights as victims are not compromised and they receive the full care and compensation to which they are entitled. Because personal injury is distinctive to each individual and each situation that results in a personal injury requires examination, it is often difficult to determine the necessary level of financial compensation that a person will require to recover from their accident. Insurance companies and attorneys representing the defendant are counting on the victim’s lack of legal knowledge and distraction by their own medical issues, so they can avoid providing the victim with adequate compensation necessary for their full recovery. It is a fact that victims without legal representation are not given the same level of attention and compensation for their injuries as victims, who are legally represented.

Committed to Serving New Orleans

At Bloom Legal, we care about the local community. Attorney Seth Bloom lives and works in New Orleans, and he is dedicated to making it a better place for all that live here.

  • 13 years practicing law in the criminal justice system
  • Eight years on the Orleans Parish School Board, including two years as president, overseeing a $50 million-plus budget and implementing major reform
  • Co-founded the Friends of Travis Hill School to support incarcerated youth—giving them an opportunity for an education and the ability to turn their lives around
  • Advocate for early childhood development programs to address long-term solutions and crime prevention
  • Early advocate for sensible sentencing reform for non-violent offenders in Baton Rouge
  • Ran for New Orleans City Council, District B in 2017

Serving Clients in Personal Injury and Personal Injury Claims

Bloom Legal is committed to providing assistance to clients to ensure that their case is resolved in the most stress-free manner possible. Our attorneys represent clients who face a wide range of legal concerns in the areas of criminal defense, personal injury, car accidents and property insurance, including:

Our goal at Bloom Legal is to ensure that we are communicating with you, advocating aggressively on your behalf and meeting your needs.

An Innovative Law Firm

Bloom Legal is a different kind of law firm. We take advantage of new technologies and innovations to make it easier for our clients to resolve their legal issues. We have a long history of representing clients in the New Orleans area and have remained an established firm of New Orleans criminal defense attorneys before and after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Bloom Legal never stops innovating and exploring new ways to represent clients.

When you first contact our firm, you will speak with an attorney right away—not a member of our support staff—and your attorney will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your legal situation.

Once you become a client, Bloom Legal will handle the essential legal issues on your behalf. If you are not a Louisiana resident, that means taking care of business over the phone, so you never need to come to our office or return to Louisiana to handle your case. Whether your case goes to trial or is resolved through negotiation with an insurance company or plea bargaining, a New Orleans car accident attorney or criminal defense attorney at Bloom Legal will provide the type of assistance and tough advocacy you need.

The type of representation we provide is tailored to your needs. Our exceptional service, in every case, is surpassed only by our concern for the needs of our clients.

We Hope You Choose Us

The attorneys at Bloom Legal have knowledge of this tactic and multiple other strategies employed by insurance companies and they will fight for you and your rights. We are experienced with the complexities of the legal system and know what steps need to be followed and what measures need to be taken to ensure the possibility of your fullest level of recovery. We will listen to your story, work to investigate the cause of the accident, extinguish all avenues where others will try to make you take fault for the occurrence, and providence evidence to support your claim. We have experience going up against companies and individuals and proving that their negligence resulted in avoidable injuries and we are not afraid to take on any case.



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