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A suspended driver’s license is a result of multiple traffic tickets, or a conviction of a crime such as intoxicated or reckless driving.  Unfortunately, a suspended driver license is a major inconvenience as it is often impractical to give up driving due to the requirements of daily activities. For this reason, it is not uncommon for individuals who have had their license suspended to continue to drive.  This practice is highly illegal and, if discovered, can result in serious fines and jail time.

Instead of driving on a suspended license, it is important to be proactive in dealing with your legal problems and do everything possible to avoid a license suspension, or get your license back as quickly as possible.  In many cases, you may be able to apply for a hardship license, or you may be able to resolve the underlying issues that led to your suspension.  At Bloom Legal, we can help you evaluate your situation and explore options for getting your license back so you can drive legally again.

How Many Tickets Before my License is Suspended?

Dealing with Your Driver License Suspension

The best way to avoid a driver license suspension is to contact a lawyer as soon as you are in a situation that could result in the loss of your license.  If your license has already been suspended, the lawyers at Bloom Legal can help you explore your options for getting your license back in a timely manner.

Our traffic ticket attorneys represent both local New Orleans residents and individuals who are visiting from out-of-state and have had a court suspend their license.  We offer a consultation.  You can contact us to have an attorney evaluate your case and help you determine what options you can pursue to get back your right to drive.

Ticket Consequences in Other States

It is very common for individuals who move out of the state they are living in to have outstanding traffic violations and/or tickets that they are not aware of.  These “unknown” tickets can and will cause your Louisiana driver license to be suspended.  This makes it impossible for you to file for a license renewal or obtain a new (out-of-state) license without returning to Louisiana to address your violations.  You will be required to resolve your outstanding tickets regardless of the amount of time you have been living out-of-state.

This situation is something we encounter frequently at Bloom Legal and our lawyers have assisted a large number of clients resolve this problem and restore their right to drive in their new state.

Call a New Orleans Suspended License Lawyer Today

If you are experiencing difficulty obtaining a driver license in your new state of residence or renewing your Louisiana driver license due to an old or outstanding traffic violation, call Bloom Legal at 504-599-9997. It may be possible to resolve the matter without requiring you to appear in court or make office visits.

Call us today at 504-599-9997 or submit your information for a consultation to determine whether we can handle your suspended driver license case and get you back on the road – legally.


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