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Accident Law Firm in New Orleans Helping Passengers and Children Car Accident Victims

Although they are not operating the vehicles involved, passengers and children often take the brunt of any injuries in car accidents. The good news is that they have the same legal rights as drivers to seek compensation from those responsible for the collision.

Bloom Legal is an accident law firm in New Orleans whose attorneys help people get back on their feet after a crash with the full compensation available under the law. If you have been injured in a crash in Louisiana, it is important to act fast. State law imposes strict filing deadlines in personal injury cases. Insurance companies often swoop in shortly after a crash, pressuring injured people to agree to low-ball settlement offers. An accident lawyer at Bloom Legal can help ensure that your rights are protected.

Who is Liable in a Louisiana Car Accident?

Car accidents come in a wide variety of ways, from a relatively minor fender bender at low speed to a multi-vehicle crash on a busy highway. When accidents happen, a number of different parties may be legally responsible:

  • Drivers: Whether it is the driver of the car that you were in at the time of the accident or another motorist who caused the crash, the injuries caused are likely to be compensable under their auto insurance policies.
  • Car manufacturers, parts makers: Defective vehicles and malfunctioning parts are a recipe for disaster on the road. When companies put unsafe products on the market, they are often liable for any injuries that happen as a result.
  • State and local governments: Public agencies responsible for road maintenance and construction are on the hook for various hazards, including those posed by work crews.
  • Others: Pedestrians, cyclists and other third parties who cause or contribute to a crash can also be made liable for their actions.

Our accident law firm in New Orleans helps people identify the responsible parties, build a claim for money damages and negotiate with insurance companies.

What if the Driver is a Friend or Family Member?

Accidents injuring passengers and children can raise complicated questions when they involve drivers who are family members or friends. In some cases, the person injured may be hesitant to point the blame at the person who was driving the car at the time of the crash.

Fortunately, that is why we have auto insurance. Often, insurance coverage means that your friend or family member’s insurer will pick up the full for your injuries. In certain situations, your own insurance policy may also kick in.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in a car, truckmotorcycle or other accident in Louisiana, we can help. Our firm takes many cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we do not get paid unless we in your case.

Contact Bloom Legal – a leading accident law firm in New Orleans – to schedule a free consultation with a New Orleans car accident lawyer.


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