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New Orleans Car Accident Lawyers for Accidents Caused Due to Dangerous Roads

The risk of a car accident is real whenever you get behind the wheel of a vehicle or in a passenger seat. Collisions are often caused by negligent drivers who make mistakes or operate their cars in an unsafe manner. Dangerous road conditions can also make driving a lot more hazardous. Bloom Legal is a New Orleans accident law firm whose attorneys represent people injured in cartruckmotorcycle and other crashes. We are experienced attorneys who have had significant success in cases involving dangerous road conditions.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident in Louisiana, it is important to act quickly. The law imposes tight deadlines and other restrictions for taking action against those responsible, especially a state or local government agency liable for leaving roads in hazardous condition. A New Orleans car accident lawyer at Bloom Legal can help you understand your rights and options.

Common Road Hazards That Lead to Accidents in New Orleans

Dangerous roads come in many shapes and sizes. At Bloom Legal, we often see accidents caused by the following hazards.

  • Potholes: Even seemingly small holes in driving surfaces can cause cars to swerve or stop unexpectedly. Potholes must be addressed immediately in order to prevent the holes from growing larger.
  • Inadequate maintenance: Roads that are not properly maintained pose a number of safety hazards, from faded lane markings to unrecognizable street signs and inoperable traffic lights.
  • Improper design: Roads that are not adequately marked, have short merge lanes or hazardous slopes pose a possible threat to anyone who uses them.
  • Negligent construction: The best designed plans for a road can easily be undone by road and construction crews that disregard or do not properly carry them out.
  • Inadequate safety protections: Stretches of driving areas that regularly see accidents require additional safety measures to protect motorists, passengers and pedestrians.

How An Attorney Can Prove Liability for Dangerous Road Accidents

To obtain compensation for injuries sustained in an accident caused by a dangerous road, you need to be able identify those responsible for the hazardous conditions and prove that they are legally liable.

Dangerous road condition cases can be some of the most complicated to prove. The good news is that Louisiana is a comparative negligence state, meaning that a person who is partly to blame for his or her own injuries can still get some compensation based on their proportion of fault. Thus, even if you could have avoided a road hazard, you may still be able to recover.

At Bloom Legal, we will investigate the crash and review all of the evidence to identify those responsible and build the strongest possible claim.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in a car, truck, motorcycle or other accident in Louisiana as a result of a road hazard, we can help. Contact Bloom Legal to schedule a free consultation with a New Orleans car accident lawyer.


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