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Injured on the Highway? Contact a Louisiana Traffic Accident Attorney to Fight for Compensation

Traffic accidents happen every day in Louisiana and around the country. The fallout from a traffic accident can have profound consequences for individuals and their family, from injuries to mounting expenses. Bloom Legal’s traffic accident lawyers are committed to helping people navigate the scary and complicated aftermath of a traffic accident.

Traffic Accident Statistics

On average, about 30 – 40,000 people are killed each year in the US by traffic accidents. Traffic accidents can involve anything from cars and big trucks, to motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

On average, Louisiana ranks higher for traffic accident deaths than the rest of the US (relative to population). It’s part of the reason our insurance rates are so high!

Here are some more traffic accident statistics you may find surprising:

  • More men are involved in traffic accidents than women.
  • Globally, car accidents are the leading cause of death for young people (ages 15-29) and young people are more at risk for traffic accidents.
  • Young people who are not involved in a crash in their first year of driving are less likely to be in an accident afterwards.
  • Drinking and driving accounts for over 30% of traffic accident fatalities each year
  • In the US, someone dies from a drunk driving related crash every 48 minutes, on average. That’s 29 people a day on average.
  • Distracted driving is also a leading cause for traffic accidents in the US. According to research by the Chicago Tribune, one in four drivers used a cellphone immediately prior to getting in a crash.
  • Driving while tired can make a driver more than two times as likely to get in an accident as a driver who has had the recommended seven hours of nightly sleep.
  • Many people think of traffic accidents happening on crowded interstates or city streets. Yet around 45% of annual fatal car accidents nationwide occur in rural areas.

Determining Fault In Traffic Accidents

Every time a person gets behind the wheel of a vehicle they take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others on the roadway. Failure to drive according to the law or driving in a way that endangers yourself or others constitutes negligence. Negligence is the primary factor in determining who is at-fault in an accident.

When a person has been injured in a car crash or other situation due to the negligence of another, the injured person has legal right to compensation from the negligent party.

At the scene of an accident, the police officer on the scene will likely take testimonies from all involved parties and potential witnesses. They may attempt to determine fault based on their assessment of the situation and could issue tickets or summons based on who they believe to be at fault.

However, the police’s word is not the final judgement on fault. Through extensive gathering of evidence, constructing an injury case for compensation can be done.

A personal injury lawyer can help you seek full compensation for your damages. They will build your case and negotiate a potential settlement with the defendant and their insurance company.  If necessary, they will take the case to court to get the compensation you are due.

Multivehicle or Chain Reaction Accidents are Common on Major Roads and Interstates

One of the most common causes of multivehicle accidents is when one vehicle rear-ends another, causing a chain reaction of collisions. Any accident involving three or more vehicles is considered a multivehicle accident. When multiple collisions arise from one accident, it is called a chain reaction accident.

In multivehicle accidents, oftentimes more than one driver may be found partially at fault. For example, let’s say Sarah is driving down the interstate and witnesses a fender bender in front of her. She reacts quickly and swerves out of the way and into another lane. But in the process she cuts of Colby and their vehicles collide.

In such a situation, Colby may be able to file for damages against both Sarah and the driver who caused the original accident Sarah was trying to avoid. The original driver displayed negligence by crashing into another vehicle. Sarah also displayed negligence by failing to act appropriately to the accident, and cutting of Colby, resulting in their accident.

Single Vehicle Car Accidents Also Occur in Traffic

Not all accidents involve more than one party. Statistically speaking, single vehicle accidents account for 58% of fatal car accidents.

Some causes of single vehicle accidents are:

  • Loss of control of the vehicle
  • Veering from the roadway
  • Malfunction of the vehicle
  • Crashing into non-moving obstructions, like a pole or barrier
  • Animals in the roadway
  • Speeding
  • Hydroplaning
  • Distracted or impaired driving
  • Falling asleep while driving

In most cases, the driver is found to be at-fault for accidents involving one vehicle. But what about extenuating circumstances such as weather conditions or animals on the road? These hazards are considered parts of driving that the driver is responsible for dealing with effectively.

However, every accident is unique. There are some instances where drivers involved in single-accident crashes are found to not be at fault. If you were involved in a single accident crash and believe it was not your fault, you should speak to a Louisiana traffic accident attorney about building a defense.

A Note About Seatbelt Statistics 

One thing all drivers can do to significantly reduce their risk of injury in a car accident is to wear a seatbelt. It may seem obvious, but many people still do not wear a seatbelt when driving.

Young people (under 35) are particularly prone to driving without a seatbelt. Men are also less likely to wear their seatbelt than women. Not only is it against the law not to wear a seatbelt, it is also very dangerous.

If you are in a traffic accident and not wearing a seatbelt you are 30 times more likely to be ejected from your car than if you were. It is estimated that seatbelts have saved the lives of almost 300,000 people in the US in the last 50 years.

Parents should talk to their teens about the importance of wearing a seatbelt every time they get behind the wheel of their vehicle. Even if you’re just taking a quick trip around the corner, buckle up!

Traffic accidents are an unfortunate risk every time one drives. Make sure you are prepared in case the worst happens by wearing a seatbelt whenever you drive.

Accidents Happen. Let a Louisiana Traffic Accident Attorney from Bloom Legal Help

Even the best and safest drivers can get involved in a traffic accident. On the road, mistakes can happen in an instant, and the consequences can be long-lasting, expensive, and even deadly.

If you have been in an accident, you may have been injured, accrued medical bills, and you may have to miss work. Your vehicle or other property may have been damaged or totaled. With a single accident, your whole life can turn upside down.

That’s where Bloom Legal can help. We have been working in the greater New Orleans area for over 15 years, helping people recover from traffic accidents physically and financially. We fight hard to make sure our clients get the full compensation they deserve for their injuries and damages.

We believe that in the wake of an accident, a person’s top priority should be their own health and well-being, as well as the security and protection of their family. We help take care of everything from arranging doctor visits, to collecting evidence and witness testimonies.

Our traffic accident attorneys build a powerful case for compensation for your injuries and take on the insurance companies headfirst. We will undergo extensive negotiations for your settlement, and when necessary, we will go to court to get the job done for you.

Contact us today for a free case consultation, and let us convince you why we’re the firm to handle your injury case.

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