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Posted on Feb 21, 2014 in Drugs, DUI/DWI, Personal Injury

krewe-of-rex-mardi-gras-parade If you or someone you care about gets in trouble during Mardi Gras we at Bloom Legal can help. Mardi Gras promotes a lot of drinking and revelry, which often leads to arrests and injuries. One of the most common arrests during Mardi Gras is drinking and driving or a DWI in Louisiana. We strongly suggest using a designated driver or taking a taxi cab but if you do get arrested for suspicion of drinking and driving then we can help. We can assist getting a defendant out of jail as well as continuing to represent them through the entire process even if the defendant is not local. The earlier you call us at Bloom Legal the better we can represent you, in order to prevent you from getting a conviction for DWI and to help you avoid getting your license suspended. In addition, many people get arrested for what I call “party crimes” like public intoxication, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, lewd conduct, assault and even battery. Our office is set up to handle these cases for both local and out of town clients to make the process as convenient as possible. We can assist getting clients released from Orleans parish jail or any jail in the greater New Orleans area. After we are able to secure release for the client we can then continue with full representation. We are able to assist clients using phone, fax and email to make this already difficult process a bit easier.
Bloom Legal also helps clients with injuries if they are injured in an auto accident or any other sort of injury or tort that may occur in Louisiana during Mardi Gras season. If you are injured in an accident Bloom Legal can help assist in getting you medical treatment and aggressively defend you against the person or business that caused your injury. In all the confusion of parades, alcohol, excitement and traffic Bloom Legal is set up to help you navigate through the legal world here in New Orleans during the busy Carnival season. We are your attorneys In New Orleans during Mardi Gras. We are ready with a 24 hour answering service to help your needs 24/7. 504-599-9997.Mardi Gras Parades

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