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Common New Orleans Auto Accidents Questions

Seth: David, here at Bloom Legal we get a lot of calls or people come in for auto accidents, where people are really seriously injured and need assistance, need a lawyer that understands personal injury that can really help them with their accident, with their injury. Tell us a little bit about personal injury and your experiences with it.

David: Absolutely. And the first thing I’d tell anybody that may call and who is injured is you need to go to a doctor.

Seth: Absolutely.

David: Make sure that everything is okay and if there are any problems, you need to be treated for those problems. And we can work on the legal side after that is done, so as you’re being treated. And something in Louisiana there is a very short time where you can file for a personal injury lawsuit, so that’s something to keep in mind. That’s something that we can go over in a free consultation whenever you call and give us the facts of your case.

Seth: Well, that’s great. And at Bloom Legal we understand, and like David said, you know, the most important thing is your health. So what we wanna do is get you to a doctor. If you wanna see your doctors, if you wanna see your physical therapist, if you need help finding the right doctors, the right treatment, we can help you with that. But the most important thing in all of this is for you to become whole. We’d like to have a holistic approach here at Bloom Legal. We wanna deal with the person, the person’s health, and certainly, wanna get them compensated for anything they deserve based on the accident. We can go through all of the insurance laws making sure that they get and receive everything they’re supposed to get.

David: Absolutely.

Seth: So if you’ve been injured in an accident and there’s any sort of questions you have, we offer free consultations. Go to a doctor as soon as you’re hurting, call the police when you’re in an accident, and we can go over those things of what you need to do as well. So give us a call, 504-599-9997, and myself or David will help you navigate personal injury and help you with your auto accident.


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