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Owen Wilson’s Attempted Suicide: Courtney Love Risks Slander Suit With Steve Coogan

Owen Wilson attempted suicide on Sunday; his camp isn’t denying it, and the confirming 911 police log is already floating through the media.  Lots of folk love Owen Wilson — including Courtney Love, who has […]

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Hulk Hogan’s Son in Car Crash — Hulk At the Scene: 10 Things to Do When You Witness a Car Crash

Hulk Hogan’s son was seriously injured last night, when the Toyota Supra he was driving went out of control, jumped a median, and crashed into a tree.  Nick Hogan was driving.  Both he and his buddy, John […]

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Eddie Griffin RIP

It was confirmed yesterday that Eddie Griffin died last Friday night in Houston, when he sped his SUV around a railroad crossing barrier and past the flashing red warning lights, and into an oncoming train.  The vehicle […]

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Blockbuster Videos & The Alternative Lawsuit: Digg It?

On Friday, disgruntled Blockbuster customer enyaWeCurB posted a story of dissatisfaction with Blockbuster Videos, complete with giving the phone number of BB’s local Sherman Oaks branch store, for those who wish to let them know they […]

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Michael Vick Accused of Executing Dogs: Should He Take the Plea Deal?

Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick’s pals ratted him out this morning.  (Read their 12-page written statement here.) His two dogfighting business partners accepted a plea bargain, and as part of their deal, offered up evidence that Vick executed dogs […]

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Britney Spears Nasty Custody Fight Begins: K-Fed Serves Alli … And What About Britney’s Lollipops?

Britney Spears’ cousin/assistant Alli Simms was served with a subpoena in the early hours of Sunday morning. So was Brit-Brit’s music producer, JR Rotem.  What’s this all about? K-Fed’s attorneys are working hard:  the custody fight was just […]

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Does Britney Spears WANT to Lose Her Kids to K-Fed or CPS?

Last night, Britney Spears left work at 9 pm (she’s making a music video) and instead of going home to the kids, she went to party.  Yesterday, a college student named Matt Encinas (an extra in the […]

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Ving Rhames’ Pet Dogs – What Happens Now?

The latest news reports are that Ving Rhames’ dogs are not responsible for the death of their caretaker, although more than one dog did bite the man, more than once.   The autopsy is scheduled for […]

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Britney Spears Vs. Her Mom

TMZ.COM is reporting a story from Life & Style that Britney Spears is telling her two sons things about Grandma Spears like, “She’s a bad lady,” according to an unnamed “insider.”  Brit doesn’t want her mom around […]

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