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American Idol’s Antonella Barba Pictures and the Right to Privacy

Mar 24, 2007 - Celebrity Justice by

Antonella BarbaMore and more Antonella Barba pictures are appearing on the Web. The American Idol contender was ousted from this year’s competition early on (she left American Idol on March 8th), but Barba’s popularity continues — no doubt due to the semi-nude pictures that keep surfacing.

Friends took pictures of Antonella Barba that she may find embarrassing now. There are online pix of Barba doing things like posing topless with other women, boozing it up, grinding with pals at a club, sitting on a toilet, as well as in various stages of undress.

Do you think that Antonella Barba thought you’d be looking at the photo shown here when it was taken? Did she have an expectation of privacy that has been violated?



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