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American Idol’s Antonella Barba Pictures and the Right to Privacy

Posted on Mar 24, 2007 in Celebrity Justice

More and more Antonella Barba pictures are appearing on the Web. The American Idol contender was ousted from this year's competition early on (she left American Idol on March 8th), but Barba's popularity continues --- no doubt due to the semi-nude pictures that keep surfacing. Friends took pictures of Antonella Barba that she may find embarrassing now. There are online pix of Barba doing things like posing topless with other women, boozing it up, grinding with pals at a club, sitting on a toilet, as well as in various stages of undress. Do you think that Antonella Barba thought you'd be looking at the photo shown here when it was taken? Did she have an expectation of privacy that has been violated? While debate can be had on whether or not these infamous Antonella Barba pictures hurt her American Idol contention as well as her public reputation, other questions pop up, too:
  • What if friends take photos of us at a club, or a party, or anytime we're a little worse for wear?
  • Are they free to post those on the web, send them to our parents or boyfriends, share them as they like?
  • What about our privacy?
  • What if they hurt us -- rob us of our American Idol spot, or lose us a job?
Bad news, guys. There's really very little that's truly private anymore. Technology has zipped by state and federal laws, and when digital cameras and cellphone cameras come to a party or into a club, your best protection is not to be stupid. Don't give them the shot in the first place. And, if the recent embarrassment of American Idol's Antonella Barba isn't something that will stick in your head around the time of last call, think of Sarah Ann Haislip of Richmond, Virginia. Party photos of Sarah Ann popped up online where she was drinking, and the high school junior was later busted for driving under the influence, running a red light, and manslaughter. Photos taken by her friends. After Sarah Haislip left that New Year's Eve party, she had a car accident where Wes Taylor, bar manager of the local Appelbee's Restaurant, died. Those fun party photos showed her drinking right before the car crash - and they were posted on the Internet, for all to see -- including the authorities. For more information on your rights to privacy, please refer to my article on state and federal privacy laws - coming soon. Have any questions? Please feel free to email me at info@bloomlegal.com. -- Seth Bloom, Esq. Sources: www.antonellabarbapix.com, American Idol Times Dispatch

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