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Britney Spears Nasty Custody Fight Begins: K-Fed Serves Alli … And What About Britney’s Lollipops?

Posted on Aug 12, 2007 in Celebrity Justice

Britney Spears' cousin/assistant Alli Simms was served with a subpoena in the early hours of Sunday morning. So was Brit-Brit's music producer, JR Rotem.  What's this all about? K-Fed's attorneys are working hard:  the custody fight was just filed August 8th, and already the discovery process has begun - looks like Alli's going to have to give deposition testimony about her personal knowledge of Britney's parenting skills (or lack thereof), as is Britney's producer, JR Rotem. What's all this?  And, what's all this about these lollipops that Britney is seen with all the time?  Is there a connection in the filing of the suit and the lollipop rumors? Days before K-Fed's filing of his new custody fight - where he's seeking primary custody of the boys Sean Preston and Jayden James - stories began appearing about those lollipops that Britney Spears is always sucking on.  First, it was a comment in a blog or two, then it hit the bigger tabloids, breaking with the National Enquirer. The candy is purported laced with drugs: morphine, some say.  Others, fentanyl cytrate - a very powerful painkiller that is 90 times more potent than morphine. These things are made for cancer patients, and they are potentially lethal. Lynne Spears claims to have only recently learned that drug candy existed, no word on when Kevin Federline discovered their existence.  Reports say that Britney's been using the drug pops since 2004: would her husband have known about them, even if her mother didn't? If K-Fed knew, doesn't make him sound like the best parent in town, either.  Maybe he knew, maybe he didn't. Best argument for Brit-Brit, assuming the rumors are true, is to say K-Fed did know, he always knew, and didn't care. Best argument for K-Fed, he just found out, and now he's going for custody.   Assuming that the candy story is accurate, K-Fed didn't have a choice: he had to file, and he has to fight. Alli's going to have one heckuva deposition. That's her with Britney, and they've both got lollipops, in the photo.�

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