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Britney Spears Vs. Her Mom

Posted on Aug 1, 2007 in Celebrity Justice

TMZ.COM is reporting a story from Life & Style that Britney Spears is telling her two sons things about Grandma Spears like, "She's a bad lady," according to an unnamed "insider."  Brit doesn't want her mom around her boys.  Britney's mom, Lynne Spears, does have legal rights, though - and TMZ.COM covered those, as well:  under California law, grandparents do have legally protected visitation rights. Britney's got another legal fight on her hands here. What if you're like Britney, and don't want your mom around your kids? Each state is different in dealing with the rights of grandparents.  You need to check the law that applies to your situation.  As you do, remember that all states look from a view of the "best interests of the child," and you'll need some serious facts to support cutting little ones off from grandparent contact.  Most courts view grandparents as a good thing for kids, even if the parents have issues.�

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