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Bloom Legal is a full-service law firm located in the historic Warehouse District of New Orleans. Since New Orleans criminal defense attorney Seth Bloom founded Bloom Legal in 2004, the firm has been providing legal service to clients throughout New Orleans and the state of Louisiana. Our New Orleans car accident attorneys and criminal defense lawyers specialize in helping local clients who live in the New Orleans area and clients who are visiting New Orleans and need legal counsel because of an event that happened during their stay in Louisiana.

Our New Orleans Criminal Defense Law Firm

Bloom Legal is committed to providing assistance to clients to ensure that their case is resolved in the most stress-free manner possible. Our attorneys represent clients who face a wide range of legal concerns in the areas of criminal defense, personal injury and property insurance, including:

Our goal at Bloom Legal is to ensure that we are communicating with you, advocating aggressively on your behalf and meeting your needs.

An Innovative Law Firm

Bloom Legal is a different kind of law firm. We take advantage of new technologies and innovations to make it easier for our clients to resolve their legal issues. We have a long history of representing clients in the New Orleans area and have remained an established firm of New Orleans criminal defense attorneys before and after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Bloom Legal never stops innovating and exploring new ways to represent clients.

When you first contact our firm, you will speak with an attorney right away—not a member of our support staff—and your attorney will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your legal situation.

Once you become a client, Bloom Legal will handle the essential legal issues on your behalf. If you are not a Louisiana resident, that means taking care of business over the phone, so you never need to come to our office or return to Louisiana to handle your case. Whether your case goes to trial or is resolved through negotiation with an insurance company or plea bargaining, a New Orleans car accident attorney or criminal defense attorney at Bloom Legal will provide the type of assistance and tough advocacy you need.

The type of representation we provide is tailored to your needs. Our exceptional service, in every case, is surpassed only by our concern for the needs of our clients.

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