Clarification of New Orleans Open Container Laws

The New Orleans laws related to open containers can be confusing. Louisiana prohibits having alcoholic beverages in open containers on the streets and certain public locations, but the city of New Orleans permits the public possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages on the streets as long as the beverage is in a plastic container and not in a glass or bottle. Individuals throughout Louisiana, however, can purchase alcoholic beverages at drive-throughs and will not generally be considered in violation of state law as long as the straw has not been inserted into the cup.

There are some restrictions on open containers, even within New Orleans. For example, the driver of a vehicle cannot have an open container of alcohol according to RS 32:300.

If you are charged with an open container ordinance violation, you need to understand how the law applies to your situation and explore your options for dealing with the accusations. The New Orleans criminal defense law firm of Bloom Legal can assist you in minimizing the consequences and ideally avoid conviction.

Open Container Violations

Violating open container laws can result in fines and other penalties. However, receiving a citation for having an open container does not mean you will be found guilty. As with more serious crimes, you cannot be penalized unless it is proved beyond a reasonable doubt that you violated the law.

A New Orleans criminal defense lawyer can help you dispute charges of an open container ordinance violation. Bloom Legal has extensive experience helping clients avoid penalties and other consequences associated with violations of open container laws. We will review your situation and assist you in determining the best way to proceed.

Legal Help for Visitors of New Orleans

Many individuals accused of open container violations do not live in the Louisiana area and may have been visiting for Mardi Gras or other special events. As a visitor of the city, you may not be familiar with the laws for drinking from open containers in New Orleans.

It does not matter whether you understood the laws at the time of your citation. This violation is not something you can ignore, and will result in more serious legal consequences if you do. You need to be proactive in getting legal help and responding to the charges.

Our New Orleans criminal defense law firm can guide you and handle your case. Bloom Legal will work to minimize the amount of time you spend dealing with the open container violation and it may be possible to resolve your ordinance violation without returning to New Orleans. Our goal is to help keep your criminal record clear and avoid fines and other penalties while resolving your case as quickly as possible and with minimum stress and expense for you.

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