Louisiana Hate Crime Law

In Louisiana, the hate crime statute adds an important provision to the rest of Louisiana criminal law. Under this law, any form of violent crime or unlawful act is classified as a hate crime, increasing the seriousness of the charge and the severity of the penalty, if the victim was selected because of actual or perceived:

  • Race
  • Age
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religion
  • Disability
  • National origin or ancestry
  • Affiliation with or employment by a particular organization

If you are convicted of a Louisiana hate crime, you will be subject to an additional sentence on top of that of the underlying offense. If the underlying offense was a misdemeanor, then your hate crime conviction will carry up to an additional six months in jail or five hundred dollar fine, or both. But if the underlying offense was a felony (for example, felony aggravated battery), then your conviction will carry up to an additional five years in jail or five thousand dollars, or both.

The most serious types of hate crimes are those that involve violent crimes, such as murder, assault and battery, and armed robbery. However, the government prosecutes non-violent hate crimes like harassment and vandalism just as vigorously. While an offense like vandalism is clearly not as serious as murder, if it is charged as a hate crime it will still add to your sentence and your record.

A Louisiana hate crime charge is very serious and should be dealt with by an experienced, serious criminal defense attorney. If you retain the services of New Orleans’ Bloom Legal, we will conduct our own investigation to determine whether or not prosecutors have enough evidence to prove that the victim of the alleged crime was chosen based on a particular attribute, thereby warranting the hate crime charge. Bloom Legal will negotiate with prosecutors to have your charges dropped, dismissed, or reduced. If we are successful and the hate crime charge is dropped, Bloom Legal will then be able to conduct a more traditional criminal defense, an area with which we have significant experience and expertise.

Bloom Legal, Louisiana Hate Crimes Defense Attorney

Just like with any other crime, as a person charged with or accused of a hate crime in Louisiana you have certain legal rights that Bloom Legal will help ensure. These are serious allegations. If you are facing a hate crime charge, contact us today to meet with an experience Louisiana criminal defense attorney who will show you the personalized care you need to protect your reputation and your freedom.

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