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Where To Go To the Bathroom at Mardi Gras

Posted on Feb 19, 2020 in Criminal Defense, Mardi Gras

In life, there are many great questions. Where do we come from? Why are we here? Why do you drive on a parkway and park in a driveway? In New Orleans, there’s another timeless question: where the heck do you go to the bathroom at Mardi Gras? The city places porta potties at various locations around the city, but they are not always easy to find.  Oftentimes, when you do manage to find them, the lines are torturously long. Bars and restaurants will often try to keep passerby out of the restrooms. At the very least, you usually have to make a purchase to use a business’s bathroom. No matter how bad you have to go, though, you should never urinate outside during Mardi Gras!

Public Urination and Lewd Conduct Charges Are Up During Mardi Gras

Unfortunately, every year during Mardi Gras we get loads of calls from folks who have found themselves in trouble after they were unable to hold it. If you are caught urinating outside during Mardi Gras, you will likely be charged with public urination. Sometimes, NOPD will charge indecent exposure and/or lewd conduct instead of or in addition to public urination.  These misdemeanor charges can lead to your arrest or you may be issued a summons for a court date. Cops are especially on the lookout for these types of infractions during Mardi Gras, when the French Quarter is filled with local revelers and tourists. Many people try to be sneaky and urinate in alleys or parks, but it’s not worth the risk. Even if you think the coast is clear, you never know who could be hiding around the corner.

Where To Pee During Mardi Gras

Okay, then, so we’ve discussed why you shouldn’t take your chances peeing in public. But we still have to answer the great question itself—where the heck should you pee? As mentioned, the city places a large swathe of porta-potties around the city to accommodate all the Mardi Gras revelers. Knowing where to find these toilets can save you a lot of pain and potential legal complications. Porta-johns can be found:
  • Lee Circle is equipped with tons of public toilets, and since it’s right at the heart of many downtown parade routes, it’s easily accessible.
  • Many neutral grounds (that’s what we call the median in the middle of many streets in New Orleans) have porta-potties set up along their length.
  • Many bars say that you need to buy a drink to use the restroom, so why not kill two birds with one stone? You are here to party after all, right?
  • Despite the customer’s only policy of many bars in the Quarter, these bars get very crowded and the people that work there often have more important things to attend to than policing whether everyone in line has purchased a drink. If you catch my drink.
Regardless of where you go to the bathroom, don’t do it in the street! Having your Mardi Gras ruined with a misdemeanor criminal charge is simply not worth it!

Happy Mardi Gras from Bloom Legal!

We want to wish all the locals and visitors alike a great Mardi Gras this year! Always celebrate responsibly. That said, we understand that sometimes people make mistakes or find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you are arrested during Mardi Gras or issued a summons during Mardi Gras, give Bloom Legal a call. We are available 24/7, even during the holiday season, to take your call. Our consultations are free!

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