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How Much Does A DUI Cost? New Orleans DUI Attorney Explains

DWIs can often be very expensive. Just for the record: In the state of Louisiana they’re called DWIs, not DUIs, but essentially for the purpose of this video they’re the same thing.

A DWI attorney, we come in all shades of colors. There are probably some guys at the courthouse that’ll do it for a thousand bucks, and there’s other guys in those high glass towers that’ll do it for $15,000. We try to be as reasonable as possible.

But you’ve got to realize, it’s not only the attorney fees, it’s court costs, it’s classes you may have to take, and then ultimately you’re insurance rates can go up so it can really be quite an expensive endeavor and also you got to think of the longer ramifications like will this effect my employment?

We represent a lot of truck drivers, a lot of professional drivers, are you going to lose your license? If you’re a pilot you certainly might have some problems, if you’re an offshore oil worker you may have some issues. So what you want to do its you want to have an excellent attorney that basically goes in there and represents you on all these things. It could be an expensive process.

I don’t like to give an exact dollar figure of what this could cost I know that there are things out there that say oh, a DWI is going to cost you $5 to $20,000 over a lifetime, you know, let’s take it one step at a time. A lot of those fees can be spread out. But one of those significant fees can be the cost of getting out of jail and the cost of initially retaining a lawyer which is very important.


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