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Video of Houston Police Beating Suspect Released

Posted on Feb 11, 2011 in National Issues, NOPD

For over nine months a video of Houston Police Department officers beating the burglary suspect Chad Holley was suppressed and hidden from the public. Even as the video was released to activist Quannell and then given to a local news channel, the mayor and federal judges attempted to stop its release to the public. Despite their best efforts, the tape has been aired on television and quickly become national news. The rational for hiding the tape was to give the officers who had been charged with official oppression a fair trial by not tainting the jury pool. Quannell is outraged that the officers will be tried with a misdemeanor rather than felony assault. In anticipation of the release, the city prepared for public outrage. Every beat cop in Houston was notified that the video had been made public, and the mayor’s office has stressed that the guilty officers have been removed from their posts. The video below has been provided by local Houston news ABC. It contains graphic violence. If you have been mistreated by the police or your case has been mishandled by the justice system in any way, Bloom Legal is an expert law practice that can ensure you justice. Call us at 599-9997, so we can fight for you.

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