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Slidell Police Make First Bath Salt Arrests

Slidell police made the first arrests in the State for the possession of narcotics that have been marketed as bath salts in Louisiana. The substances, which were added to the Schedule I narcotics list by […]

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Bath Salts Added to Illegal Substance List in Louisiana

Gov. Bobby Jindal announced last week that a substance which has recently become known for its use as an intoxicant but is marketed as a bath salt has been added to the Schedule I narcotics […]

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Marijuana-Spiked Brownies Brought into Lafayette High School

Last Friday a student of Lafayette High School complained of a stomach ache after eating a brownie at lunch. The schools resource officer then conducted a field test on the brownies and found that they […]

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Attempt to Legalize Marijuana in California Fails

The Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannabis Act, also called Proposition 19, was the latest and possibly most successful attempt to legalize marijuana. With national support for the legalization of cannabis at 46 percent, the initiative […]

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