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Bath Salts Added to Illegal Substance List in Louisiana

Posted on Jan 10, 2011 in Drugs, Local Issues, NOPD

Gov. Bobby Jindal announced last week that a substance which has recently become known for its use as an intoxicant but is marketed as a bath salt has been added to the Schedule I narcotics list. [caption id="attachment_1552" align="alignright" width="300"] Photo Courtesy of Datasphere.com[/caption] According to reports, a specific type of bath salt which is manufactured in China and India has been implicated in a disproportionately high number of overdoses and other adverse health effects in the State of Louisiana. The substance, referred to as "Ivory Wave", "Ocean", "Charge +", "White Dove", and other names is now classified in the same category as heroine and ecstacy and its possession carries a possible 30-year prison sentence. Jefferson Parish Sheriff's officers have been actively confiscating the substance from local businesses and spas. State health officials were tipped off to the substance's use as a narcotic when they received more than 165 calls over the past three months primarily from first responders or ER physicians reporting overdoses and other adverse reactions. If you or someone you know are arrested for possession of the newly illegal bath salt, contact Bloom Legal today at 504-599-9997 to schedule a consultation to discuss the details of your case.

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