Topic: Domestic Disputes

Domestic violence breakdown from Bloom Legal LLC

Nearly everyone has experienced a moment in their life where pressure has become too great and they have succumbed to emotions overtaking their better judgment, resulting in the reckless decision of a violent act. In […]

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Britney Spears’ Kids – What about Child Protective Services?

Well, Britney Spears’ two boys have not seen their mother since mid-January, and it’s not clear if they are going to be able to be near their mom anytime soon.  Reuters reports that the Commissioner […]

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Britney Spears – What If Her Dad’s the Bad Guy?

It’s not news that Britney Spears hasn’t been close with her parents, and that she doesn’t trust her dad, Jamie Spears.  What if Jamie Spears is an evildoer, and Britney’s right to distrust him?  Right […]

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