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Domestic violence breakdown from Bloom Legal LLC

Posted on Jul 28, 2015 in Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence

Nearly everyone has experienced a moment in their life where pressure has become too great and they have succumbed to emotions overtaking their better judgment, resulting in the reckless decision of a violent act. In some circumstances involving intimate relationships, this can lead to charges of domestic violence. Domestic violence is defined as the intentional use of force or violence in any relationship that is committed by one partner toward the other in an effort to gain or maintain power and control. Acts of domestic violence can include physical attacks, such as punching, hitting, and slapping, as well as non-physical acts like stalking, cyberstalking, harassing phone calls, and violations of protection orders. If arrested, these charges can be classified as either a misdemeanor or a felony, but it is important to take both allegations very seriously. Domestic violence is classified as an enhanceable offense, which means that each additional conviction will incur stiffer fines and jail sentences. If convicted of a domestic violence charge, you can face a multitude of hardships, which can include jail time and the loss of your amendment rights and future opportunities. A misdemeanor conviction can impend your right to bear arms and defend yourself, jeopardizing your individual safety, while a felony conviction upholds this stature, and also relinquishes your right to vote. In your professional life, a domestic violence conviction obliterates the opportunity that you could hold any public service job, including teaching, nursing, social services and public offices. Statistics have also shown that 80 percent of individuals convicted of domestic violence also face the possibility of losing their current job, this holds particularly true if you are employed in law enforcement, are required to carry a weapon, transport hazardous materials or are entrusted with a company vehicle. If you possess a professional license to perform your job, such as a medical, legal, teaching or commercial driver license, it will likely be revoked and you will not be able to obtain any of these certificates or licenses in the future. While these consequences can endanger your current and future employment, a domestic violence conviction creates a domino effect that also can impact your personal life. Even if the court agrees for your records to be sealed at the end of your probation, your reputation is at risk to be maligned because of the nature of your conviction; it will be deemed that for public safety, your criminal record can be easily obtained. The options for your living situation will become substantially limited as many state laws prohibit landlords from leasing to individuals with domestic violence convictions. Should you require a loan necessary to buy a house or vehicle, you will discover the majority of banks and mortgage companies will not approve applicants with domestic violence convictions due to a history of defaults, producing a negative impact on your credit score. Student loans are also denied to applicants with domestic violence convictions, defeating your chances for educational betterment. Ultimately, the professional and personal consequences from a domestic violence conviction, can lead to the loss of your home and result in a declaration of bankruptcy. This is why it is paramount that if you have been charged with domestic violence, you consult an experienced domestic violence attorney. Bloom Legal, located in the Greater New Orleans area, has been helping individuals charged with domestic violence for over ten years. We understand that many people charged with domestic violence believe they have no other options than to admit guilt and accept their fate. This is not only untrue, but is also highly unadvisable. Prosecutors will rarely dismiss domestic violence charges for fear that the accuser will later suffer another attack or a worse fate from the accused. This idea frequently prompts the prosecutor to seek the highest possible penalties against the accused and only a skilled domestic violence attorney can negotiate for a reduction or dismissal of these charges. The attorneys at Bloom Legal believe that domestic violence charges are defensible and we will work to investigate the facts of your case. We have successfully defended clients falsely accused of domestic violence, a situation that often occurs in divorce and child custody cases. We have seen evidence of self-defense, as well as circumstances of defendants claiming responsibility to protect another individual, in both these scenarios, we work to present evidence to establish our client’s innocence. In rare instances, we have also seen the accuser give consent to a particular act, which is another example of an argument for self-defense. By listening to your case and investigating the circumstances and details specific to you and your defense, the attorneys at Bloom Legal will evaluate your options and advise you of your best decision. At Bloom Legal, we understand that individuals facing a domestic violence charge are at risk for losing many of their freedoms. We believe in upholding constitutional rights and that all people are entitled to due process of the law and the presumption of their innocence, an assumption that is frequently withheld from people facing domestic violence allegations. Due to the serious nature of domestic violence charges, Bloom Legal realizes that our legal system is required to protect domestic violence victims, and we also work to help those wrongly accused and those who have made mistakes and are ready to redeem themselves. To learn more about what Bloom Legal can do to help you as a domestic violence defendant, contact us today at 504-599-9997 or email us directly at info@bloomlegal.com.

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