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State Rep From Metairie to File Anti-Abortion Legislation

Posted on Apr 20, 2011 in Courts, Local Issues, National Issues

John LaBruzzo, a Republican state legislator from Metairie (who last made headlines in '08 when he announced that he was studying a plan to pay poor women $1000 to get their tubes tied), has filed a bill which would ban all abortions in the state of Louisiana and also subject any doctors performing abortions to criminal charges. According to reports, LaBruzzo's original draft includes criminal charges against women receiving abortions but the lawmaker elected to amend them out for fear that their inclusion would make the bill too difficult to pass. (Although it would appear that if this were not the case, then the provisions would have remained). LaBruzzo has indicated that he decided to file House Bill 587 after being approached by an unnamed conservative religious organization. It would appear that the intent is to head directly into lawsuits designed to take a case to the Supreme Court. It is unclear at this point what has inspired LaBruzzo to deem himself a worthy challenger of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision which has stood since 1973 and effectively legalizes abortion in the United States although it is easy to speculate that this is a bid for publicity and the currying of favor from politically-connected conservative religious organizations.

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