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Sheryl Crow Joins Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Meg Ryan

Posted on May 13, 2007 in Celebrity Justice

This weekend, Sheryl Crow announced on her website that she has adopted a newborn baby boy, naming him Wyatt Steven.   As we all know, she's joined the club with Madonna, Meg Ryan, and Angelina Jolie as celebrity single moms. One big difference, though: Sheryl adopted a child from the UNITED STATES.  Madonna's son is from Malawi, Angelina adopted (while single) from Cambodia, Meg Ryan from China.   Of course, lots of arguments will probably flow for and against Sheryl Crow's domestic adoption ... as well as the whole celebrity-adoption-as-publicity argument.  (For fodder on that, check out the latest interview of Angelina Jolie in Reader's Digest -- it's free, online.) Legally, is there a big difference?  There can be.  It can cost more in time and money to adopt through an overseas agency.  People can pay tens of thousands of dollars in fees, travel expenses, agency expenses, and the like.    It can also be expensive to adopt in the States; however, it usually totals less than an international adoption.  And, if you have the heart and the guts to adopt a special needs child, the cost of adoption can be miniscle.  Read that, almost free. If you are interested in the adoption laws as they apply to you, individually, please feel free to contact BloomLegal. �

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