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Paris Hilton – What Happens When U (& Paris) Go To Jail

Posted on Jun 4, 2007 in Celebrity Justice

Last night, Paris Hilton evaded the media hoard surrounding the Lynwood County jail in LA by surrendering to authorities at a downtown LA all-male facility.  Paris was then transported to the Lynwood facility. Starting today, she's serving half of her sentence, or approximately 3 weeks, in a 12 foot by 8 foot cell that contains two bunks as well as a toilet.  So far, she doesn't have a roomie. Just so you know, Paris has not had any special treatment thus far -- assuming media reports are accurate. So, exactly what happens when you are arrested and jailed? When you are arrested, you are taken to the "intake area."  There, you are searched, booked, fingerprinted, given a medical check, issued a standardized uniform (color-coded, usually by security risk), and then placed in a cell.   All your personal items are inventoried and held for you; they are returned when you are released. That cell can be with the "general population," or it can be in a special area, as the authorities deem fit.  Paris, for example, is in a special area reserved for public officials, police officers, celebrities, and the like.  This isn't special treatment for Paris. These special areas are created to make it easier for the officials to keep the peace, minimizing the risk to everyone involved - including the jailers.   Another type of "special area" is the segregated area where people who have been arrested but have yet to appear before a judge are held; for example, those who have been picked up on an outstanding warrant. Once you have been assigned to a cell, you stay in that cell most of the time.  For example, Paris will have one hour per day to watch television or make telephone calls.   She can be allowed additional time, it depends upon the authorities there.  Good behavior merits a reward. Even for Paris Hilton, who has a short stay and a segregated spot, this should be a difficult time.  The loss of freedom has a big psychological impact on everyone.  It may be even more so for Paris, since Forbes.com relates that mom Kathy Hilton says "...this will be a time when Paris will be able to think and reflect and to spend time alone to learn from the experience because in Paris' life she's never alone - there's always a constant chatter around her." And, yes - that is Forbes.com reporting on Paris' incarceration.  Yes, that Forbes.�

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