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Operation Rotten Pumpkins: 6-Month Plaquemines Parish Undercover Investigation

Posted on Nov 19, 2013 in Drugs, Local Issues

[caption id="attachment_4080" align="aligncenter" width="620"] Photo courtesy of nola.com[/caption] Plaquemines Parish arrested 31 suspects over the weekend in connection with a six-month undercover investigation called Operation Rotten Pumpkins. The 31 defendants are facing charges related to narcotics purchases and include purchases and seizures of: crack cocaine, marijuana, synthetic marijuana, synthetic MDMA, imitation LSD and prescription pills. By statute, the lessor of these charges requires a sentence of not less than 5 years or not more than 50 years, plus thousands of dollars in fines. Interestingly, 27 of the 31 suspects have prior criminal records, many of which are prior drug convictions and could significantly enhance the sentencing they will receive. These defendants are facing serious criminal charges. Hiring a competent and effect defense attorney to protect their rights would be beneficial to these defendants. Bloom Legal, LLC specializes in criminal defense. If you or someone you know is arrested in the Greater New Orleans area, plese contact us at 504-599-9997 or email us at info@bloomlegal.com. More information on the arrests here: http://www.fox8live.com/story/23982443/operation-rotten-pumpkins-brings-in-31-drug-offenders-in-plaquemines-parish

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