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OJ’s “If I Did It” and SICKO by Michael Moore: Online 4 Free

Posted on Jun 20, 2007 in Celebrity Justice, Internet/Technology

TMZ.COM reports that it has "obtained" a copy of OJ's manuscript "If I Did It," and follows that up with an excerpt from the document -- a purported description of the murder itself.  OJ relates this in the first person, and a mysterious pal named "Charlie," is present at the scene.  Who's Charlie?  Doesn't say.  You can download the entire thing online, right now, for free -- according to LinkBunnies. Meanwhile, Michael Moore's new documentary, SICKO, was available online for free on MySpace, provided by at least two different MySpace pages, as well as  YouTube and BitTorrent.  I couldn't find an online copy available today.... What if you download this free stuff?  Will the Copyright Police be knocking on your door? Why would they care?  Money.  IP Democracy discusses the impact that the free download of SICKO could have on Michael Moore as well as the Hollywood concern overall for future films.   There's tremendous expense in making these things, and the opening weekend recoups all or part of that cost.  Pre-releasing a film online, for free, could truly hurt independent filmmakers as well as the bigger production companies. What about OJ?  Well, the release of OJ's book online may impact the Goldman family.  They were awarded rights to this book, which they hope to publish under the title, "Confessions of a Double Murder." It's unclear how TMZ "obtained" this copy of the manuscript - but TMZ may have something to be worried about from the Goldman camp.  While Moore has stated that he's okay with online viewing of SICKO, it's curious that the movie is no longer available for viewing. Copyright infringement is a serious matter because in essence, it's theft.  Remember Napster? Safest bet:  read the excerpts, but don't download. �

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