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NOPD Cover-up Unraveled

Posted on Jun 14, 2010 in Local Issues, NOPD

On Friday, five former and current NOPD officers were indicted in the Henry Glover case, which occurred a few days following Katrina. Glover was allegedly shot by former officer David Warren in Algiers on September 2, 2005 from a second story balcony. Warren claims that he had no knowledge of his bullet actually hitting someone after he fired at a group of men that were “putting his life at risk.” Glover’s brother, Edward King, and a stranger, William Tanner who had responded to the cries of concern, put Glover’s body in the backseat of a Chevy Malibu and drove to the makeshift SWAT office at a nearby school. Upon arrival, the two were allegedly beaten by Lt. Dwayne Scheuermann and officer Greg McRae, who then drove off with the vehicle containing Glover’s body. Prosecutors contend that the two set the car on fire with the body inside, and covered the story up by charging the owners of the car with looting. Lt. Travis McCabe and Lt. Robert Italiano later “authored and submitted a false and misleading official report” which was intended to end further investigation. This is not the first case of corruption by the NOPD to be revealed recently from the direct aftermath of Katrina. The Danziger Bridge incident, where two people were killed and four wounded in the days after the storm, has five officers being charged with collaboration to its cover-up. The men being indicted in the Glover case are facing long-term sentencing, depending on the verdict of the case.

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