New Orleans Hornets Likely to Receive Name Change

Posted on Apr 16, 2012 in Hornets, Sports

New Hornets owner Tom Benson is looking to drum up serious publicity for the franchise by changing its name and logo. The $338 million acquisition of the Hornets by Benson, who also owns the Saints, is a positive step for a team that only a few weeks ago was owned by the NBA and was considering moving to another city.

But let’s get down to the exciting part: if the Hornets are going to change their name, what should their new moniker be? The most fitting answer, the Jazz, now belongs to Utah after professional basketball first left New Orleans in 1979, so that’s more or less out of the question. With his taste for stirring up media attention and even controversy, Benson is sure to choose a name that’s appropriate for the city as well as a little bit “out there.”

Here are some of the most popular potential names, according to

-Big Easy

What do you think New Orleans should change their name to? Let us know your great ideas in the comment section below.

  • Ryan

    All of the names listed are pretty goofy in my opinion. I say keep the Hornets name. Why not? A name change should have been done upon the move from Charlotte. If no possibility for the name Jazz, then keep Hornets.



    Reveler -n. festive merrymaker who participate in the period of Carnival, the day of Mardi Gras, by partipating in the balls, or other events, including parades en masse. Crowds at a Mardi Gras parade who are more than spectators, they are participants.

  • Tyon Alexander

    I feel New Orleans should change their name to;

  • Don

    Louisiana Legend, with a werewolf or large gator as its logo.

  • GS

    The Bourbon…or seek to purchase the rights to the name “Jazz” or Mardi Gras

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