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Mel Gibson and Adventures in Domestic Violence

Posted on Jul 13, 2010 in Celebrity Justice

Mel Gibson has surfaced in the news again after allegedly admitting to punching his girlfriend in the face. After reports of a launched domestic violence investigation against the actor, recorded tapes surfaced which are said to be Mr. Gibson’s voice. In the tapes, the actor claims that he did in fact hit his girlfriend and that she “f***ing deserved it”. Also on tape are remarks supposedly made by Mr. Gibson where the actor drops racist and misogynistic remarks and states that if his girlfriend got raped, it would be her fault. If true, while the remarks he made are certainly unfortunate and cannot be condoned, the case still comes down to whether he actually hit his girlfriend, and further whether the tape and its alleged admission can actually be admitted into evidence. Mr. Gibson certainly is not helping his profile (present/future and social/legal) much by continuing to alienate different population groups, but the bigger question still remains: will the LA County Sheriff’s Department have enough evidence against the actor to recommend charges being filed? We will know shortly.

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