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Mayor Cantrell Hangs With Drake and Signs New Traffic Ordinance

Posted on Aug 6, 2018 in Celebrity Justice, Traffic

Mayor Cantrell took to Twitter last week to tweet a photo of her posing with rap superstar Drake. Drake was in New Orleans to film the music video for his song “In My Feelings” when the photo was taken. “In My Feelings,” which borrows from the sounds of New Orleans bounce, is currently the number one song in the country. [caption id="attachment_6594" align="alignright" width="477"] Mayor Cantrell tweeted the photo herself and later retweeted another post.[/caption] Mayor Cantrell tweeted the photo with the message: “@Drake Thank You for choosing #CityOfYes for your #InMyFeelings video! I’m excited to share the love, culture and people of #NewOrleans with the world!” The music video features New Orleans landmarks like Frenchman Street and Gene’s Po-Boy on St. Claude, plus appearances from local bounce artists like Big Freedia. In the photo both Drake and Mayor Cantrell seem to be competing for who can cheese it up the biggest. Just look at those pearly whites. The photo-op wasn’t the only thing Mayor Cantrell did last week, though. On  Thursday August 2nd, the mayor signed into effect city ordinance 32,311, which will allow NOPD to use their discretion when deciding whether or not to arrest motorists who have suspended, revoked, or cancelled licenses. Previously, the law required NOPD to arrest individuals during traffic stops if they had a license that had been suspended, revoked, or cancelled. According to Mayor Cantrell and Police Superintendent Michael Harrison, the new ordinance is part of a larger push to improve NOPD’s efficiency and effectiveness. License suspensions can often occur without the knowledge of the driver. Minor traffic infractions or unpaid traffic tickets can result in your license being suspended or revoked without any notification. Oftentimes, drivers don’t know about issues or changes with the status of their license until they’ve already been pulled over. Drivers were getting pulled over for speeding or a broken tail-light and winding up in jail. The ordinance signed into effect last week grants the officer the agency to decide whether or not to arrest individuals in such situations. The ordinance is designed to help refocus police manpower on bigger issues around the city. Though it is only a beginning, admits Mayor Cantrell in a press release, “We all share the goal of helping the NOPD keep its focus on violent crime.”

Got Traffic Tickets? License Woes?

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