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Louisiana Residents With New York Traffic Tickets

Posted on Mar 6, 2013 in Personal Injury

If you have a Louisiana driver’s license and receive a New York traffic ticket, you should not ignore your New York ticket and think you are off the hook. Each state has their own laws concerning out-of-state traffic tickets and whether points go on your driving record will depend on the laws of your home state. The following information will help you better understand the differing ways that Louisiana and New York handle out-of-state traffic tickets. If convicted of a NY traffic offense and you are a Louisiana driver, you will have to deal with: • A conviction being placed on your driving record • Points • Fines and surcharges • Possible insurance hikes • Possible driver’s license suspension Do New York And Louisiana Exchange Traffic Violation Information? Yes. If you are a resident of Louisiana then traffic violations you receive in New York will be communicated to your home state. New York and Louisiana are members of the Driver’s License Compact, so they freely share driver information with one another. If you receive a NY traffic ticket but are a LA driver, LA will be notified about the ticket you received. The vast majority of states within the US have reciprocal agreements to exchange and share moving violation convictions and suspensions (including suspensions for not responding to a ticket) that were received out-of-state. Any member state of the Driver’s License Compact is required to report ticket convictions back to the driver’s licensing state. It is up to the home state whether they would like to assess points on the home state driver’s record. The only states that are not members of the compact are Michigan, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Georgia and Massachusetts, however these states do have their own separate agreements with other states with regards to exchanging traffic violation information. How Can A Louisiana Driver Lose Their Driving Privileges in NY? If you are an out-of-state driver and rack up one or two tickets there is a very good possibility that your driving privileges in New York can get suspended. In NY, if you accrue 11 points or more, your driving privileges in NY will be suspended. New York has a separate point system then Louisiana and will apply New York rules on your violation. For example if you are speeding in excess of 41 miles over the posted limit, or you get two violations for a high speeding ticket and endangering other driver’s on the road (reckless driving) your license can be suspended. NY does not have the authority to suspend your Louisiana driver license. However, since LA and NY are both members of the Driver’s License Compact, LA will honor the “suspension” of your New York driving privileges and likely suspend your Louisiana driving privileges as well. What Can a Traffic Ticket Attorney Do for Me? What many drivers fail to realize is that a traffic ticket is merely an accusation of a violation and you can fight your ticket and have the charges downgraded or dismissed completely. In the majority of cases a Louisiana traffic ticket attorney can represent you in court and fight your ticket without you having to show up. Hiring an attorney will mean that you will have a licensed professional on your side helping you fight your traffic ticket. An attorney knows the legal system and how to negotiate with the prosecutor or, if applicable, take your matter to trial. Paying the fine and pleading guilty might be quicker but it can result in paying a steep price; one that is so much more than having an attorney fight your ticket and keep your points and insurance rates low and your record free of suspensions. The best part of hiring an attorney for your New York traffic ticket is that in most cases you don’t have to miss work or school to go to court because the attorney will take care of the case for you. Author Bio Adam H. Rosenblum of ticketdefenselaw.com is a traffic ticket attorney licensed to practice in both New York and New Jersey.

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