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Louisiana House Takes Steps to Combat Opioid Epidemic

Posted on May 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

The Louisiana House has recently taken new steps to combat the opioid epidemic here in the state.  H.B. 192, introduced by Helena Moreno who is currently running for City Council in New Orleans, would limit the length of an opioid prescription to a first-time patient suffering acute pain to seven days. 

The bill would not affect those seeking medication for more serious conditions such as cancer.  A patient requesting more than the one week allotment would need to obtain another prescription from their physician. 

The House Committee on Health and Welfare was able to move this bill forward unopposed.  Perhaps this is because politicians and the public are becoming more aware of the connection between opioids prescribed by a doctor and the unfortunate path towards addiction and dangerous street drugs. 

Louisiana already has some of the worst prison statistics in the country.  An Associated Press report claims that “About 0.81 percent of the state’s population is behind bars—nearly double the national rate.”  Moreno and other lawmakers are optimistic that such measures as H.B.192 could help both with the opioid epidemic and the state’s prison rates.

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