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Louisiana Has 4th Highest Rate of Violence Against Women

Posted on Aug 3, 2016 in Domestic Violence

Violence against women is a perennial issue. In the United States, we often look at other countries around the world, pointing a finger at examples of what we feel are injustices against women. However, that same injustice exists at home. Across the country, women are at a higher risk of becoming the victims of violence at the hands of men than men are of being the victims of violence from women. And in Louisiana, the problem has reached unbelievably high levels.

A Violent Report

This year, the state has the 4th highest rate of violence against women. For the past five years, Louisiana has ranked on the top 10 list of states where women are murdered by men at a rate that is shockingly higher than average. In fact, the rate of women killed by men is 83% higher than the national average. This is a statistic of which we are not proud. Statistics from 2008 reveal 1.6 women out of 100,000 commit a murder. Compare that with the reported 11.3 men out of 100,000 that do the same. In fact, on a national level, the number of women murderers has declined since 1980.

Raising Awareness

Across the state, domestic violence, and specifically, violence against women has become a hot button issue. In 2015, Miss Louisiana, Candice Bennatt, spoke out against domestic violence as her platform during the Miss America competition. Her voice was an important addition to the conversation, encouraging other women to speak up, and lawmakers to stand up for women by passing sexual assault and domestic violence bills.

Looking Forward

Senate Bill 174 was passed by the Senate in the spring of 2015 to prevent housing discrimination against domestic violence victims. Formerly, victims of domestic violence could be evicted due to an apartment policy that “bans domestic violence as a criminal activity.” Thus, survivors of domestic violence all too frequently found themselves and their children on the streets. The bill went into effect on August 1, 2015. Clearly, the situation in our state is one in dire need of improvement. This new law has the potential to make a difference in the lives of women whose lives are impacted by violence from men. However, only time will tell how effective it will really be.

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