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Lindsay Lohan Is Going to Jail says NOLA Attorney

Posted on Jul 25, 2007 in Celebrity Justice

Lindsay Lohan is stupid or crazy and she's going to jail.  Think about it:  four days after turning herself into authorities for her Memorial Day crash, and getting officially charged with DUI, she's busted again for (1) suspicion of driving under the influence; (2) driving while her license is suspended; (3) possession of a controlled substance (cocaine); and (4) bringing contraband into a custody facility.   You know the story. Then, LiLo gets released on bail, gets thrown into another rehab facility (you can bet that her attorney insisted upon this), and e-mails Billy Bush of Access Hollywood to report that she's "innocent" and wants everyone to "respect her privacy." Innocent? Right. Meanwhile, her dad is busy making money doing TV interviews and her mom is not rushing to help - compare this to Kathy Hilton - and her pals are telling the media that they are afraid Lindsay Lohan may harm herself. Harm herself?  What do you think she's been doing for months now? The Washington Post has compiled a nice timeline of LiLo's self-destruction. Will she do jail time? Yes, here's why. First, she's facing these charges: (1) 6 months for each DUI; (2) 6 months for hit and run; (3) driving with a suspended license, 1 year maximum and mandatory 10 days; and the biggie, (4) possession of cocaine, 3 year maximum.  The transport charge probably won't hold. Lindsay has committed a second crime now, piling one felony on top of another.   This takes it out of a short stay in the local jail (think Paris Hilton) to longer time in a real-life prison facility.   Even if her lawyers argue that there's not a second crime, but merely a second offense (lawyerese here), Lindsay's still tallied up mandatory jail time - and this second offense argument is very weak. Add to this her Blood Alchohol Level of .012 or .013 on Tuesday, when California holds .08 to be legally drunk, and things look really bad.  It'll be even worse if facts reveal cocaine in her system at the time of the second bust. Lindsay Lohan will do jail time.  No doubt about it.  The only question is how good a plea bargain her lawyers can get her. How much time?  Too soon to tell.  Could be a short stay - say 30 days - followed by a long-term mandatory participation in a court-selected rehab facility.  However, it could be a period of years -- that's within the judge's perogative at this point. It's a sad, sad story: Lindsay's cornered herself into a bad place with no easy way out.  �

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