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Justice Department Urges Feinberg to Speed Up BP Claims Payments

Posted on Sep 27, 2010 in BP Oil Spill, Local Issues

Since taking over supervision of the BP Emergency Oil Spill Claims Program about a month ago, Kenneth Feinberg has met with substantial criticism over the pace at which claims are being paid out. [caption id="attachment_1045" align="alignright" width="300"] Photo Courtesy of cardozo.edu[/caption] Feinberg originally came into the position making statements which indicated an extremely optimistic prediction of his ability to organize the claims process so that it would be able to make payments in a matter of days to those with legitimate claims. Such statements have since been admitted to have been inaccurate by Feinberg and his staff. While Feinberg's organization has managed to pay more than 35,000 claims at a value of almost $400 million, a figure which surpasses the amount of payments made by BP during an almost 4-month period, there are still more than 40,000 claimants yet to receive any form of payment. It is because of the large amount of claimants who are still waiting to be paid that Associate Attorney General, Thomas J. Perelli, sent a letter to Feinberg last week calling the current state of procedures "unacceptable". This news reminds us that many people who have been seriously affected by the oil spill have still yet to receive any form of compensation to help make their lives whole again. If you or someone you know have been affected by the BP Oil Spill and have yet to receive compensation, contact Bloom Legal today at 504-599-9997 to discuss how we can help fight for you.

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