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If You Are Injured In An Auto Accident Should You Be Worried About Going to the Hospital Due to Coronavirus?

Posted on Apr 2, 2020 in National Issues, Personal Injury

The outbreak of COVID-19 and the ensuing quarantine has altered many aspects of life people all over Louisiana and the rest of the country. Driving is an activity that is still essential for many. Unfortunately, with driving, comes auto accidents. Though staying at home is highly encouraged, for your own safety and the safety of your family, going out for essentials like groceries or prescriptions is still necessary. Many folks are still working. So, there are cars out on the street. What happens, then, if you are involved in a car accident during the quarantine? If you are injured, is it safe to go to the hospital? Will you be able to get your car repaired? The COVID-19 outbreak is truly uncharted water for all of us. We’re here to try to provide some practical answers in this latest part of our COVID-19 coverage.

If You Are Involved In a Car Accident, You Should Consult With a Doctor

We always give this advice in the way of a car accident. Even if you do immediately experience pain, you could still have a personal injury like internal bruising or whiplash. It is important that you get checked out by a doctor following an auto accident. Not only will they monitor your health and provide any necessary treatment, their diagnosis can be useful evidence to be used should you seek an insurance claim or personal injury case. Of course, these are unique times to say the least. Hospitals are crowded with patients suffering from the highly contagious coronavirus. So, it’s natural to have anxiety about going to the hospital if you don’t need to.

Call the Doctor Ahead of Time

If you have sustained a serious or life-threatening injury, you should go with EMS or immediately to the emergency room. Medical personnel have measures in place to protect you from contamination, and time can be of the essence if you have been seriously injured. However, if you are able to leave the scene of an accident of your own volition, we still recommend seeing a doctor, but give them a call first. If you have your own doctor that you visit regularly, call them and tell them what happened and schedule an appointment. If you do not have a specific doctor, call the hospital and ask to be directed to the appropriate practitioners. Hospitals around the New Orleans area are particularly busy right now, so you may want to call around to a couple different ones to try to get in as soon as possible.

Your Health Is Most Important Following An Accident

We understand that there is a lot of anxiety over the unknown out there right now. However, our doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers are doing everything they can to keep the rest of us safe and healthy. We have to trust them during these difficult times. We also need to be smart about our own health. When visiting the doctor, wear gloves and a mask if possible to protect yourself from possible infection. Patients diagnosed with or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 are kept on quarantine, and you should not have any contact with them during a routine doctor visit. However, like any high traffic place where lots of people congregate, it is better to be safe than sorry. Take precautions, protect yourself, and be sure to wash your hands after your visit. If you are having trouble getting in contact with a doctor or scheduling an appointment, a personal injury attorney can help you set one up. They can also help you move forward with the next steps of pursuing a personal injury settlement.

Bloom Legal Remains Available 24/7 During the COVID-19 Quarantine

If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident, give the personal injury lawyers at Bloom Legal a call. Our consultations are always free. In matters of personal injury, time can be of the essence, so contact us today to learn about your options and whether you have a case.

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