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Gary Coleman Arrested following Domestic Disturbance

Posted on Jan 26, 2010 in Celebrity Justice

A lesson on why you should always show up for your court date: Former child star and actor Gary Coleman was arrested Sunday after police responded to a domestic disturbance call at his Utah home. The officers quickly determined that no crime had been committed, but arrested Coleman on an outstanding warrant. The warrant stemmed from a prior domestic violence incident, in the wake of which Coleman failed to appear for a court date at which point the warrant was issued. Coleman was held until Monday on $1,725 bail. A flat tire, a medical emergency, a family crisis: there is no shortage of incidents that can lead to a missed court date, but remember that the matter will not just disappear. If you've missed a court date or have a warrant out, contact Bloom Legal now! We can put our experience and skill to work for you, and in many cases can appear in you place, saving you time away from work and home!

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