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Domestic Violence

Posted on Apr 21, 2014 in Criminal Defense

Domestic violence is a serious crime and even being accused of domestic violence can have a significant negative impact on your family relationships and your reputation.  Unfortunately, domestic violence is also a highly-charged emotional issue and law enforcement officers (LEOs) often take a very tough stance on cases where domestic violence is even a possibility. 

As we explain in our video on Domestic Violence, the first time you are charged with a domestic violence crime you will usually face only misdemeanor charges.  Despite this, because of the nature of domestic violence charges, preparing a defense or responding to accusations is often more difficult than dealing with accusations of certain felony crimes. You need a top-notch New Orleans criminal defense lawyer to help you when you face domestic violence charges and Bloom Legal is here to help you. 

A New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyer Should Be Consulted When Facing Domestic Violence Accusations

When you are in a situation where you may be the victim of domestic violence or when you may be accused of domestic violence, it is important to get away from the intense interaction as soon as possible.  

As we explain in our video, around 70 percent of all cases of domestic violence go unreported and of the small number of cases that do come to the attention of police, a victim is usually assaulted at least 35 times before law enforcement is called. Police know that victims may be hesitant to come forward and thus may take action when they suspect domestic violence even if the victim does not want to make a complaint or press charges. Because of this, you can never assume that you won’t face domestic violence charges even if your partner does not want you to go to jail or face conviction.  If you are accused of domestic violence, you need a lawyer right away. 

Both Orleans and Jefferson Parishes have money specifically set aside for the prosecution of domestic violence offenders.  Under local laws, offenders may be required to immediately sign “stay-away” orders and may be monitored while they are awaiting their charges.  In addition, alleged domestic violence offenders may be assigned to go directly to anger management classes if the judge orders them to do so.  You shouldn’t hesitate to get legal help before you go to court so you will understand what your rights and what your options are. 

You may face domestic violence charges under a wide variety of different circumstances.  Our video on domestic violence lists some of the situations where domestic violence charges may be filed including between romantic partners; siblings; or any couples living together.  Domestic violence can range from simple assault to more serious acts like strangulation that are charged as felonies.  

All domestic violence charges, however, are taken very seriously by the court system and by prosecutors. Defendants need to understand the gravity of their situation and act accordingly.  Contact Bloom Legal as soon as possible if you are accused of domestic violence so you can get help from a New Orleans criminal defense law firm that will fight to protect you in your interactions with the criminal justice system. 

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