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City to Test New Detox Center for Public Intoxication

Posted on Oct 13, 2011 in Courts, DUI/DWI, Local Issues, NOPD

A recent report on NOLA.com indicated that the city will be launching a new Detoxification Center that has been in the works for some time now. The center (which will be hosted by Odyssey House) is part of a new program aimed at reducing the number of arrests and incarcerations for public intoxication in New Orleans. According to the report, this is a step in the same direction as a number of other cities currently running similar initiatives. The detoxification center will allow residents and tourists to spend a few hours sobering up rather than spending an extended period of time in jail and is expected to help reduce administrative costs and resource expenditures for NOPD. Funds for the center are coming from the Louisiana state general fund for substance abuse issues. This means that part of the center's primary functions will be to funnel at-risk individuals into suitable substance abuse programs. The detox center will only be available to those residents and visitors who are apprehended for public intoxication itself. Citation for any of the typically-associated violations such as disturbing the peace, resisting an officer, or public urination will result in disqualification for eligibility to visit the Detox Center. According to reports, this means that 75% of the typical public intoxication arrestee will not qualify for the program. Those who do qualify to visit the Detox Center will be provided with dorm-style accommodations, a television and possibly a sedative or other drug to assist with sobriety as well as health assessment. For the full report, visit NOLA.com. If you or anyone you know are arrested for public intoxication, call Bloom Legal 24/7 at 504-599-9997 or visit us online at https://www.bloomlegal.com.

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