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Britney Spears’ Depo — Will She Get Arrested?

Posted on Jan 2, 2008 in Celebrity Justice

Commissioner Gordon signed a specific court order in mid-December, specifically ordering Britney Spears to attend the deposition that had already been ordered by the court to occur, and which had been scheduled at least twice prior to that court-ordered date. Her reason for the last no-show?  She was sick, although TMZ reported that she out playing with friends later that same day. What happens if Britney doesn't show to this January deposition? Will she get arrested? From a legal perspective, it's looking like she just might.  Failure to obey any court order can result in an arrest.  However, with Commissioner Gordon taking the time to write and sign a specific order, with clear language on what Britney is supposed to do and when she is supposed to do it (i.e., appear to have her sworn testimony taken on such and such a date, at such and such a location) is a legal red flag. A clear and clean order makes for a clear and clean arrest if there is noncompliance. What about the first court order?  Perhaps the prior Dec. 2007 order (ordering the depo to take place) was not distinct, or it was filled with lots of murky, extraneous stuff. Perhaps the Judge wanted to give her one more chance. Either way, if Britney fails to appear at this January 2008 deposition without appearing before Judge Gordon to ask for a pass, then she's risking jail time. Look for her to show.  With her lawyers. Then again, it's Britney.  Paris did jail time, maybe Britney thinks it's not such a bad thing.�

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