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A Double Crash Leads to a Double DWI

Posted on Jan 14, 2013 in DUI/DWI, Local Issues

Did you know it was possible for two people to get charged for two DWI's while in the same car? It is. Friday night both James Pellegrin and his passenger, Maria Zervoudis, were booked with DWI's after crashing the same car. When Pellegrin realized he was too intoxicated to drive after crashing into a fence on Jefferson highway, he quickly changed places with Zervoudis. Zervoudis made it 1,584 feet (not even two blocks) before crashing the car as well. The duo then tried to flee the site of the second crash and were pulled over by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Deputies. Although Zervoudis was under the legal limit with a B.A.C of 0.074, the trooper noted that she had slurred speech and smelled of alcohol. She insisted she only had a few drinks and was fully capable of operating a vehicle. Pellegrin's B.A.C. was 0.107. Both parties were charged with DWI, improper control of a vehicle, and failure to report an accident. Who ever said lightning doesn't strike twice clearly didn't know about this pair. If you or anyone you know has been arrested for one, two or even three DWI's (doesn't need to be in the same night) contact us at 504-599-9997.

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