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Guilty Verdicts Delivered in Henry Glover Case

December 10th, 2010 | Posted in Katrina, Local Issues, NOPD, Personal Injury by Seth Bloom | No Comments »

U.S. Attorney Jim Letten was very pleased with the court’s Thursday verdict calling it a victory for the honest officers who serve this city and an indictment of the men who, “thought they were above the law and weren’t.”

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Justice came slowly for the Glover family who waited for years as the truth slowly bubbled to the surface and a cover up began to take shape. A jury of five men and seven women found Officer David Warren guilty of manslaughter, Officer Gregory McRae guilty of obstruction of justice for burning Henry Glovers body, and Lieutenant Travis McCabe guilty of obstruction of justice for falsifying a report. However, Lieutenant Robert Italiano was declared innocent, not having known about the lies on the report he signed.

Officer Warren’s conviction carries with it the possibility of life in prison, but at this point that seems to be an unlikely outcome. The jury found the policeman guilty of manslaughter rather than murder which implies that he may receive a more lenient sentence. Regardless of the punishment, the three guilty verdicts help to heal some of the wounds of Katrina for the Glover family and for the city.

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“Katrina Defense” to Receive First Test in Court

November 8th, 2010 | Posted in Katrina, Local Issues, NOPD by Seth Bloom | No Comments »

The trial for the Henry Glover case in which NOPD officers are charged with shooting an unarmed civilian, beating those who attempted to bring him to seek medical attention and the eventual burning of his body and falsification of police documents is scheduled to move forward this month.

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The case is notable for its complexity given the number of defendants involved as well as the varying charges against them. It also represents the first test to what is being referred to as the “Katrina Defense” which cites the extreme conditions faced by NOPD officers in the aftermath of the storm as extraordinary circumstances which may have justified actions that would normally be considered illegal activities.

More information on the case can be found here.

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