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Former DA Walter Reed’s court date moved to April pending new charges

Former St Tammany Parish District Attorney, Walter Reed, will have his trial for corruption charges moved to April pending new charges. They will be adding another charge of wire-fraud to bring the total number of […]

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Man arrested for DWI after serious morning crash

A woman was seriously injured after being struck by A Porsche early Wednesday morning at the corner of Tulane and Loyola Avenue. Michael Clement was arrested for DWI and negligent vehicular injury. If you or someone […]

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The Risks to Passengers in Automobile Collisions

ABC News reported on the tragic death of John Nash, a man who was killed when a taxi driver lost control on the New Jersey Turnpike. Nash, like many people who ride in taxi cabs, […]

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Motorcyclist survives after 18-wheeler crash, driver arrest for DWI

Friday, August 7, afternoon  an 18-wheeler crashed and pinned a 50-year-old motorcyclist, who miraculously survived the incident. The driver of the rig was arrested and taken to St. Tammany Parish Jail and booked for DWI after […]

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Walter Reed and Franklinton paster could be tied together criminally pending a civil suit

Walter Reed, former St. Tammany Parish District Attorney, was indicted back in April for corruption charges is now faced with the potential for new charges pending an amendment filed stating Mr. Reed was thrown personal […]

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Personal injury breakdown from Bloom Legal LLC

With its intertwining network of bones, muscles and nerves naturally formed and designed to rotate and move, accomplishing a full range of daily actions without a struggle or physical difficulty, the human body is a […]

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Bicycle riding safety breakdown from Bloom Legal

In New Orleans, bicycle riding recreationally and as a primary method of transportation has reached a record high. On any given day in the city, you will see groups of people leisurely riding for fun, […]

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Mistaken identity in NOPD police report causes problems for victim of DWI accident

Confusion among the identities of the motorcycle accident causes problem with victim’s treatment. A motorcycle carrying two people was hit May 8, 2015 at the corner of Elysian Fields Avenue and North Roman Street by a […]

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A Look at Medical Errors and Wrongful Death

Wrongful deaths due to medical negligence cause more people to die each year than drug overdoses, breast cancer and AIDS. Recently, published an article evaluating some of the potential reasons why there are so […]

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Suggested Improvements Could Reduce the Risk of Truck Accidents

Because of the large size of commercial motor vehicles, truck accidents remain among the most serious motor vehicle accidents in the New Orleans area. Prevention of truck crashes is the key to saving lives and […]

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Louisiana Could Reduce Crash Risks with Better Safety Laws

Traffic regulations can have a significant impact on the likelihood of a New Orleans motor vehicle accident occurring. The Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety have assembled a list of recommended regulations intended to make […]

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Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton, injured in car accident

Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton, was taken to the hospital Tuesday after an auto accident in Charlotte. After being taken to the hospital, doctors found fractures to his lower back. Although not seriously injured, Newton was […]

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Bloom Legal announces new website design

Bloom Legal LLC is proud to announce the launch of our new website, If you haven’t checked out our site lately, this new design focuses on Bloom Legal’s staples of criminal defense, personal injury, […]

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Doubletree Hotel Parking Management Services, Inc. Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed

A lawsuit has been filed against Parking Management Services Inc. after a woman was injured while picking up her vehicle from valet parking. Bridget Salela filed the suit for a 2013 injury which she claims […]

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Texas Man Arrested for Negligent Homicide, DWI, Hit and Run

A recent auto accident caused by Joseph Hicks outside of Empire, Louisiana left Davy Bowers, 19, dead. Hicks reportedly crossed the median on LA 23 and struck Bowers’ truck. A third car could not stop […]

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Actor Tracy Morgan Critically Injured in Auto Accident Over Weekend

The bus driver that critically injured comedian, actor Tracy Morgan over the weekend, turned himself in and is being charged with death by auto and 4 counts of assault by auto. The driver, Kevin Roper, […]

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Why You Can’t Trust Your Insurer After an Auto Accident

Insurance is required for drivers, so motorists will pay premiums to an insurance company who will then pay for losses in the event of an accident. The specific insurance coverage you need to have may […]

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Lab Tests Mistakes Can Happen

When a person is arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the evidence against that individual often includes a blood or a urine test.  These tests are often viewed as strong evidence […]

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