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Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton, injured in car accident

Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton, was taken to the hospital Tuesday after an auto accident in Charlotte. After being taken to the hospital, doctors found fractures to his lower back. Although not seriously injured, Newton was […]

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Bloom Legal announces new website design

Bloom Legal LLC is proud to announce the launch of our new website, If you haven’t checked out our site lately, this new design focuses on Bloom Legal’s staples of criminal defense, personal injury, […]

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Doubletree Hotel Parking Management Services, Inc. Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed

A lawsuit has been filed against Parking Management Services Inc. after a woman was injured while picking up her vehicle from valet parking. Bridget Salela filed the suit for a 2013 injury which she claims […]

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Texas Man Arrested for Negligent Homicide, DWI, Hit and Run

A recent auto accident caused by Joseph Hicks outside of Empire, Louisiana left Davy Bowers, 19, dead. Hicks reportedly crossed the median on LA 23 and struck Bowers’ truck. A third car could not stop […]

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Actor Tracy Morgan Critically Injured in Auto Accident Over Weekend

The bus driver that critically injured comedian, actor Tracy Morgan over the weekend, turned himself in and is being charged with death by auto and 4 counts of assault by auto. The driver, Kevin Roper, […]

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Why You Can’t Trust Your Insurer After an Auto Accident

Insurance is required for drivers, so motorists will pay premiums to an insurance company who will then pay for losses in the event of an accident. The specific insurance coverage you need to have may […]

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Lab Tests Mistakes Can Happen

When a person is arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the evidence against that individual often includes a blood or a urine test.  These tests are often viewed as strong evidence […]

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Bloom Legal is your Mardi Gras Lawyer

If you or someone you care about gets in trouble during Mardi Gras we at Bloom Legal can help. Mardi Gras promotes a lot of drinking and revelry, which often leads to arrests and injuries. […]

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What to Do In Case of a Personal Injury

After an auto accident, it can be really difficult to understand what you should do to protect yourself.  By taking certain steps when you get hurt, you can maximize the chances of being awarded monetary […]

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Personal Injury- Auto Accidents

Allstate Insurance has released its 2013 America’s Best Drivers Report, which ranks cities based on the risks of accidents in each location. New Orleans, unfortunately, ranked number 156 out of 200 cities, with crashes 28.1 […]

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Have a Safe Halloween Weekend from Bloom Legal!

Halloween in New Orleans is one of the bigger event weekends in the country. People come from all over to flock to the streets and enjoy the wide variety of different parties and events happening […]

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St. Charles Parish Traffic Tickets

People always ask, “Why would I need help with a traffic ticket?” or “Would it be worth it to hire an attorney in order to defend a simple traffic ticket?” Surprisingly, hiring a traffic ticket […]

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Loophole Gives Driver’s Licenses back to DWI Offenders

Jenifer Englade, the woman responsible for a tragic Memorial Day weekend car accident that left three dead, should not have had a valid driver’s license. The case against Englade has uncovered a loophole in the […]

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Orleans Parish School Board Member Seth Bloom Supports Transparency

Orleans Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux is getting fed up with the Orleans Parish School Board’s resistance to an audit he requested on Nov. 29, 2012. Now, seven months later, the School Board is still fighting […]

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Suspect in Deadly DWI Released from Hospital

Jennifer Englade, the woman responsible for the death of three over Memorial Day weekend, was released from the LSU Interim Hospital yesterday afternoon. Still wearing a neck brace and with bandages on her arms, Englade […]

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DUI Checkpint Stops 1000, Arrests None

Los Angeles, Calif. – This past weekend over 1,000 drivers were stopped at a DUI checkpoint in the Burbank area of LA, and none were over the legal limit. In the 5 hours from 9 […]

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Two DWIs in 24 Hours

A 26-year-old woman impressively garnered two DWIs in 24 hours in Slidell this past weekend. Marjorie Portier, a Mississippi woman, was first pulled over at 2:30am Saturday morning after swerving dangerously in front of an […]

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Football Players Sue NFL for Damages

Former professional football players have launched a lawsuit against the National Football League, or NFL, holding the members of the organization responsible for actively promoting and profiting from a culture of violence that has led […]

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