Should I See A Doctor After An Accident Even If I Feel Okay?

It’s a good idea if you get into a traffic accident to go get checked out. So, I’m not saying you have to immediately be taken away in an ambulance or go to an ER, but if you’ve been in any sort of accident sometimes it takes one week, two, three days, two, three weeks before you start feeling the effects of whiplash or anything else that could be wrong. So, it’s really important to get checked out. Go to your doctor, go to your family doctor. And you want to do that as soon as possible.

Insurance companies will hold that against if you don’t go to the doctor for awhile. So, if your back hurts after a car accident and you decide not to go to the doctor for six months they’re going to say Why didn’t you go to the doctor for six months? They’re going to say that’s a gap of treatment.

So, what you want to do is you got to make sure you go in there and get treated. You got to speak up to the doctor and say, hey, my neck’s bothering me, my back’s bothering me if, in fact, it is, or my left hand’s bothering me. You want to really communicate with your doctor.

A lot of times when people come to us at Bloom Legal we send them to doctors who we know are excellent physicians. If you have your own doctor or you have certain amount of specialists you want to go to we encourage that as well. We want to get you treated because your health is the most important thing.


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